Joe still has a bucket in his living room to catch water from his roof that started leaking months ago.

Don’t be like Joe. If you have been wondering about installing a new roof or need repairs or updates to your existing roof, Dallas Roofing Co can help. We are a team of seasoned roofing experts who are able to supply the roof with the upgrades or improvements that it requires to keep in the things you want, and out what you do not. We can provide you with transparent and complimentary estimates and reliable and efficient roofing services.

You probably think we sound like every other roof company right now that claims to be the best for the job, right? Yeah, you ‘re right that we can do some of the finest work so what makes us different than most is that we’re more than just a one-time, static and dull roof builder. What sets us apart from your average, the run-of-the-mill roofing company is our experience, punctuality, and hard-working team, and quite frankly, we will probably be more fun to work with too.


So perhaps you’re curious about what you’ve seen, and you’d like to know more about what your Dallas Roofing Company experience will be like. You probably have seen our website and read about what we are doing, and you have seen some pictures of our work. You know we can do a variety of jobs and every time; our work looks great too. You might even check out our Instagram page to see some of our projects first-hand and you’ll quickly realize that we’re more than able to fulfill all of your roofing needs so you’ll be heading straight to our contact page. You remember how your significant other has been hounding you over the roof project for weeks and you are keen to have them off your back so you pick up the phone and call us to see how we can help with your project.

You let us know you want to add a new roof, but you don’t have any idea where to start as there are too many choices available. We do what we can to ensure you that we will help you with something that looks amazing but doesn’t ruin the budget and you’re happy about having a service that respects your interests as if they were our own. The next morning, we knock on your door to start your project. You open the door with a look of relief as you realize your husband or wife will finally stop hounding you about the new roof they have been wanting.  We introduce every member of our team and are getting straight to work. We keep our workspace tidy throughout the duration of your project, and we do our best to keep the noise down as much as possible. The next thing you know, your project is already complete and the trucks are loaded up, leaving your yard clean and tidy. We knock on your door to let you know that we have finished the job, and we stay and chat for a minute as you have grown to love our wholesome and friendly team.

We may be some of the Dallas area ‘s finest roofing experts, but we still know how to have a great time doing our work and establishing lifelong connections with each of our customers. We are more than roofing professionals. We are roof doctors, shingle setters, and a ter-roof-ic installation team, but most importantly we are the new team for your latest fence project.

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